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[TvDrama] Competition in Shanghai - The Ambitious Bai Haoran

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- l5 q5 u+ m/ A8 j
* x9 I/ D. b% }6 k, e. Phttp://www.ajohn.net/leobbs/cgi- ... pic=1361&show=0! @: T7 Y7 ?- d+ q$ w& d
" ?" e* ]9 L; e: ?3 g- D' N" \9 ]
the following is the text, M# W6 f1 X* ?  C0 @& l- f7 P, O7 A

' L8 }" e$ g5 nBai Haoran, who is determined to win.  Feb. 28th) A- [- f0 j7 y  c% B( r4 |

8 ^1 u/ [8 x& p! cCity planning and real estate are the main trend of the development in Shanghai. Especailly the Suzhou River, which is used to be adirty stagnant river, is becoming a golden area for economy developing after a long time deep treatment of the polluted water.
% t  s6 O% g) b$ _. m3 f) i6 M9 p9 e7 x. H( m: Q2 q2 n
When viewing this area of land which is remained to be explored, Bai Haoran said,”I’d like to own the gold mine 7 k4 a" {% P; N# v# |
rather than to have the gold. And now the field around suzhou River is just a gold mine!”; Q% K3 r+ C( A6 P/ N* h
The man besides him called Li Jiade revered Bai very much, and flattered him, saying that he is determined to own this gold mine.
) F0 d& @& @$ L  Z  a2 P. G' b2 X2 L4 Z: w0 p' W0 c
They are both full pf ambicious and willing to make a killing in this area.( V/ h- R1 y3 ~, E& }
When first viewing this TV serials, I was confused that the director always gave the shot of airpane rising and falling in Hongqiao Airport. As a matter of fact, Pudong Airport is much more beautiful than Hongqiao.
! E% B1 ]% k' c3 ]) x4 e3 HPerhaps, the period in this serials is somehow far from these adays, not recent years at least. But still showed many current night views. And the projust of treating pollution of Suzhou River must have been switched on many years ago, as well as the program of storied building construction started by some entrepreneurs with foresight and sagacity. Maybe there is still no Pudong Airport at that time.
+ ]& {/ e8 z' Q* L9 `9 Z0 f* Q% c
) Y3 E, t* h$ r2 EFor the reason that Nanpu Bridge was built up many years agp, they didn’t choose Yangpu or Lupu bridges.# b( B; }: P5 {7 ]4 U& e$ G
Comment on characters’ personalities in “Make a forced landing Shanghai” Feb.27th3 G0 p" L0 U  D, J4 N
Because of late opening of the TV set, the former gathers has already started for along time. And the main characters have appeared in the scene. Their personalities are mostly showed to us, though not 100% that splendid plot.2 J# j3 C0 e$ H3 F0 J0 H

6 z5 [' x. ~9 g8 \( P; s9 iBai Haoran
6 l( N9 D- h' A) J+ O  PDiscribed by “John’s fans” he is totually an “old fox”. When facing the business competitions, what he’d like to get, and profits, he’s always that calm. He never shows happy or angry on his face. His abstruse worldly-wise eyes are staring at his quarries from time to time.7 e  Z4 g& j. a2 G" h

/ b3 W5 c  L0 AHow can Lin Feiyan this kind of simple-minded girl be a counterparter of Bai? When Lin’s father died and she coundn’t get the loan repaid. Bai generously gave her a 3,000,000RMB check. It seemed Bai provide timely help, but as a matter of fact, he meaned to strive for the explore rights which were belonged to the Lins family at that time. At the same time, Bai also would like to bribe Xu Lin, who was in charge of Changhe Corporation. Thus, Bai could gain major profits in the “coorperation”, which means that Changhe Corporation can almost get no profits.
& {4 M& O; I$ p7 ~/ m; t5 \3 ], U
% L# J: b1 O' m6 ZAll is fair in war, deceiving each other always exists in business. But when viewed Xiao Jingyun’s photoes, smiles was on Bai’s face. This scene really made the audience feel warm and fragrant.
9 n9 ?, b* R+ j5 b; y
; K# c4 \7 t1 f' k4 xXiao Yangshan
8 z! c! ]' p1 G! R% Y8 D: WIt seemed Uncle Paul didn’t show much in these few gathers. He was a kind father, supporting his daughter all the time and encourage her rising life by herself.7 G, a2 d; y/ k: Y' F7 G, f( x7 @! B
) X2 i- t- r. G0 q4 t. \, G9 w
Dong Min (Mrs. Xiao)
: W" v+ J+ u, W+ P1 J1 O. _She’s virtuous and understanding, a dutiful wife and alively ine. Tough several wrinkles on her forehead, she still takes good care of her facial features. And we can image how pretty in her youth. Therefore it is not surprise that the two business tycoons fell on her knees.^^
9 e4 O* e# Y5 A" q; c6 ?2 S$ l
' b3 g% Y9 ], _9 SXiao Jingyun
& A& U+ z" I6 E, i; G4 UDifferent from her consistent delicate and exquinte character whose eyes are always blurred bu tears, Chen Derong became a successful career woman, dressing up with professinal clothes and backgrounded an influential family. Generally speaking, her performance is OK, but her appearance seemed totually different from John.+ ]7 D8 r) O! a9 h" `. r
0 t7 t1 v3 L6 t7 ~0 l
The eldest daughter Ms Xiao! Q- p$ _$ S" l" p; G
She seemed not like adaughter from an influential family, but as an none-well-educated person. She;s totually different from her yonger sister Xiao Jingyun. Maybe for the reason of showing Jingyun’s excellency, the playwright designed her elder sister in this kind of personality. She always can’t do good negotiation with her coorperators, nor can do housework well.
. G4 r: k* H4 y2 z6 c& ?1 w
9 W: V( j6 i0 @8 M8 w0 E+ q5 [2 cXu Ning7 y9 [$ ]2 P# d: d& b' o0 c' R* w
With a strong sense of righteousness and the dedication to his work, Xu Ning is a mature man. When facing profits provided by Li Jiade, he refused sternly. And he expressed he would never betray Changhe Corporation. He’s a man of honor indeed.
7 j( z0 u- ]# ~0 K8 c
* o* O- o) v/ H5 _3 a5 T$ oLi Jiade7 H5 o6 Z2 E: `% J6 e
I have to admit that Wen Zhaolun is a good actor with excellent performance skills, especially in acting negatice characters. Li Jiade is able to figure out the intention of Bai Haoran by his acute insight. When viewing elder Xiao beating her husband in front of others and sometimes act coquettishly, Li despised her very much.
. h/ [; C" ~5 G. d% F0 RWell, I’m dog tired, and have to work domorrow…
# F2 m5 S& }0 B1 _, S& m% A4 w( k6 c8 ]4 r
So excited by viewing the first gathers of  “Make a forced landing Shanghai” Feb.26th,2005
1 T) Q  |& O4 j* z+ s/ M3 L" WIn the same time last year, “Make a forced landing Shanghai” was tight shooting in Shanghai. After a long time waiting, it showed on TV at long last.
/ ^& S, i. f" t1 p) f7 c2 X8 e
; U$ c6 Y, w  n) {  pThe scenes of Hongqiao Airport, Nanpu Bridge, ciaducts, a forest of buildings and the Hongshan peninsula I used to visted which will appear in the next few gathers are so familiar to me." f" J- ^/ f/ K; J
I was so excited that Bai Haoran acted by David John, my favourite actor, said,”shanghai is such abeautiful city” when looking afar Shanghai. Especiallu when he said “Small red guy”(derogatory). I’ve never been that excited in anyother movies or TV serials acted by John.
, X  @: A5 ~! ~9 T+ {; u5 ]5 Q1 C7 }* Z% `
I felt that John acted Bai in a grand way. It’s easy to distinguish that Bai is a man of the hour in business. Experience the Wind and waves, he can always deal with difficulties. To the inferiority too is, his voice is not very high, but the tone of that kind of order type is very prestige.0 m. y; `: `5 H) i. U
% D  `" }$ j3 t4 }  g
With th feeling of Once acquaint with Xiao Jingyun, he can not control his feelings to show his care on her, which  affect the heart of the audience very much. And we must have guessed that a girl could make Bai show such cares must have a unusual relationship to him. Especially when hearing her name, Bai shocked very much." a8 o) a% b1 ~  B. b: X- E' u
But by the wise of the audience we can eaily figure out that this pretty Ms Xiao is Bai Hanran’s lovely daughter.
# a* m6 V4 q" u1 \9 @# t, _# x% d7 C- _# b# n; B8 p! h
I'm dog tired!! :em10:
$ Z! T% v/ j9 N7 ^7 k

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[translation]Competition in Shanghai - The Ambitious Bai Haoran

Thank you very much for the translation. I haven';t got the time to read the translation yet. However, I skimmed through it and knew that you put in effort. Good job~
 楼主| 发表于 2005-4-21 13:13:21 | 显示全部楼层

[translation]Competition in Shanghai - The Ambitious Bai Haoran

[这个贴子最后由gablelove在 2005/04/21 01:36pm 第 1 次编辑]
, o- @+ H8 N% \: V) L1 K' _: |; P  c1 R% X8 ~
You';re welcome!2 q- F4 ^" Y2 ?+ ~3 A9 V
now starting translating the last article, which maybe is the longest
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[translation]Competition in Shanghai - The Ambitious Bai Haoran

下面引用由gablelove2005/04/21 01:13pm 发表的内容:
- `  c* q- w+ I  s  T9 \6 A) xYou';re welcome!
" O. D/ O1 P5 rnow starting translating the last article, which maybe is the longest

/ \! F! u7 A% f, S     I have read the article. Nice Job!* f1 T  v! X9 t( G' M5 u2 S: g
     I am very glad that someone can translate my article. :em04:
$ J7 B# e+ a! d, W% Z. f     I know that translation job is not so easy, it must have cost you a long period of time.but it is worthy to do something for forein friends.
8 |& Z2 |+ H. ?- j9 U# A     On another hand, I think you can improve your English ability.  D4 T/ [! \" R. z
     Please continue your effort.
2 X  C! y: U- |7 Y, I     Thank you very much!/ r" P1 k7 u/ y
+ L  _. d% }! S3 q. J; {  D% ^5 v; }( k; I5 v
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[translation]Competition in Shanghai - The Ambitious Bai Haoran

[这个贴子最后由gablelove在 2005/04/25 01:35am 第 3 次编辑]
& D1 x% W" |' m2 u; l' }
5 m: d  z+ Y3 O! k, A/ F% Y( ?' q[On another hand, I think you can improve your English ability.], ?( ]6 N) l2 c
got it done in a hurry, I knew there was lots of mistakes when reading it after I sent it on the forum. so anxious to get the prise that haven';t done much revise of it. :em13:
# o0 J; i0 d( fby the way, I';ve heard that 月亮 can speak perfect Janpanese! Amazing! I';m also starting learning it, but always can';t focus my efforts on it... :em13:
# W9 R" t' T; K4 m0 f, \
' s4 P6 f8 v' E8 p5 \
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[translation]Competition in Shanghai - The Ambitious Bai Haoran

I haven';t finish this drama when I was in China, can some one tell the ending? I really like the A John in this one, he is elegant and graceful, a gentle man with powerful temperament. very attractive. Most of his dramas I have been watched are Kungfu ones, this one really impress me. By the way, I am quite like Xu Ning and Xiao JinYun. I don';t like what happen in the ending, but  like to see A John with suit. Nice
 楼主| 发表于 2005-4-28 00:26:31 | 显示全部楼层

[translation]Competition in Shanghai - The Ambitious Bai Haoran

Xiao Jingyun accepted Bai Haoran and called him "father" at last.' G- ^0 F* j2 [' _! [
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[translation]Competition in Shanghai - The Ambitious Bai Haoran

Wooooooooo, I believe that must be very happy and touching ending. I wish I can see that. I am so exciting that wondering what sort of face John was at that time. 5 i$ q0 t3 t/ ~- h5 l8 U4 H* T
Can someone tell me where i can download this drama?
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[translation]Competition in Shanghai - The Ambitious Bai Haoran

Waaaa,well done!Support you !Be continued!
匿名  发表于 2006-12-20 09:30:40

Hi Frends


It's a very good site !! Very nice work, admin :)

give thanks

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Thank you lily. You are the example of me!
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you're welcome! hope you may translate some thread for fans here.:)
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